Digital Marketing Simplified

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Our Promise To You

When people search for your company online we want your 5 star service to show up exactly when they are searching for your products and services. However, we know digital marketing is complicated because technology moves so fast and your customers are on so many different platforms. That is why we created the Easy 123 Digital Marketing System to help small business website owners get started with industry best practices. 

Easy 123 Digital Marketing System

Stunning Websites & Digital Marketing That Converts

#1 Perfect Local Website

10 Must have Website Content Blocks

#1 – Click To Call

This is your CTA – Call To Action – visible at all times. This can be a Click To Call, Directions, Download, or even Click To Buy Now.  This should be a big button (or sticky header/ footer on mobile) and always available even when they scroll. 

#4 – Testimonials & Reviews

Case studies show that 83% of potential consumers will read reviews about you before making a purchase. If you have no reviews within the last 6 months they will search for someone else with more recent reviews.

#10 – Social Proof

The last thing a consumer does before deciding to call or buy from you is… New Customer will check your Facebook account and if you haven’t posted in the last 2 weeks they will go check your competitor.

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