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Perfect Local Website Offer

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#1 Perfect Local Website

10 Must have Website Content Blocks

#1 – Click To Call

This is your CTA – Call To Action – visible at all times. This can be a Click To Call, Directions, Download, or even Click To Buy Now.  This should be a big button (or sticky header/ footer on mobile) and always available even when they scroll. 

#4 – Testimonials & Reviews

Case studies show that 83% of potential consumers will read reviews about you before making a purchase. If you have no reviews within the last 6 months they will search for someone else with more recent reviews.

#10 – Social Proof

The last thing a consumer does before deciding to call or buy from you is… New Customer will check your Facebook account and if you haven’t posted in the last 2 weeks they will go check your competitor.

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